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Kiss Them For Me

Friday, April 26, starting at 12:15 p.m.


Movie Day is Friday, April 26 at 12:15 p.m. We’re viewing “Kiss Them For Me”, released in 1957. In this light-hearted wartime comedy, three WW II Navy men orchestrate a 4-day leave for themselves in San Francisco. Once ashore, they immediately set out to make it a swinging celebration – to last as long as possible. Chief among the party-bound is Commander Andy Crewson (Cary Grant). Desperate to keep the men on the straight and narrow, Lieutenant Walter Wallace (Werner Klemperer) commits the trio to becoming spokesman at a local shipyard that’s owned by a local tycoon. But before long, the rowdy Crewson is courting the shipmaker’s voluptuous daughter (Jayne Mansfied) with hilarious results.

April Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 17 starting at 10 a.m.

We will be celebrating all the April Birthdays at our party on Wednesday, April 17 starting at 10 a.m. As a special treat, Steve Morris, visiting from Hawaii, will provide his entertaining music! Our catered meal will include Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, green bean casserole, coleslaw, and birthday cupcakes. Call early to sign up because I’m pretty sure we’ll be packing the place that day!

Those celebrating their birthday in April are: Freda Ankeny, Peggy Bakken, John Battles, Bob Bennett, Sue Brackin, Joyce Brake, Freeman Brown, Laura Bunger, Joel Colbert, Julie Creager, Barb Cryer, Mildred Danekas, Robert Danekas, Donna Dodd, Rose Emke, Paul Erickson, Bonnie Fritts, Joanna Garcia, Marilyn Goken, Avis Hall, Richard Herrmann, Peggy Howe, Harry Kalaitzakis, Linda Kenney, Rose Anne Kersten, Dot Lavin, Mae Ludens, Bonnie Masterson, Harold A.C. Miller, Carol McCarthy, Chet Olson, Gloria Ordaz, Toni Perkins, Joy Phillips, Marguerita Rivera, Shirley Ryan, my sister ~ Diane Swanson, Lorraine Thompson, my mom ~ Rosemary Van Kirk, James Weber, Richard Weller, Rob Whipple, Ella Williams, and Doug Zuehl. April is a wonderful month to celebrate birthdays. We hope you’ll join us! Call us to make lunch reservations at 815-562-5050.

This Month's Special Events

Computer Classes are starting up Thursday, April 4.

Kelly from the Sterling Hearing Aid Center is scheduled to be with us on Friday, April 12.

April Birthdays at our party on Wednesday, April 17

Biscuits & Gravy will be served on Thursday, April 18 starting at 7 a.m.

The Hub City Senior Center will be closed in observance of Good Friday on April 19.

Movie Day will be Friday, April 26,

Leslie from Dr. Friedrich’s office will be offering free eye glass cleaning and minor repair work on Tuesday, April 30

This Month's Activities Calendar

Reoccurring Weekly Events

7am Pool Players
9am - 10am Mexican Train, Dominoes
10am - 11am Wii Bowl & Cards
12pm - 2pm Euchre
4pm - 5:30pm T.O.P.S.
5:30pm - 7pm T.O.P.S.
7am Pool Players
9am - 10am Bingo & Donuts
10am - 11am Wii Bowl & Cards
12pm - 2pm Euchre
7am Pool Players
9:30am - 11am Senior Benefits & Assistance
10am - 11am Wii Bowl & Cards
12pm - 2pm Euchre
12.15pm - 1:15pm Woodworkers
7am Pool Players
9am - 10am Bingo & Popcorn
10am - 11am Wii Bowl & Cards
12pm - 2:15pm Euchre
12:30pm - 3:00pm Crafts & Quilts
7am Pool Players
10am - 11am Wii Bowl & Cards
12pm - 2pm Euchre